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Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH Phase 1 & 2 Top Thrill 2

Projects 455-23, 483-23, and 486-23
Cedar Point, Phase 1 & 2 Project High Point

Since 1870, Cedar Point has been a staple for summer fun and excitement for many families locally and nationally. What started out as a beach and bath house along the Lake Erie shoreline has turned into a mega-resort destination in Ohio. 

In spring 2023, Cedar Point partnered with The Great Lakes Construction Co. for the installation of Top Thrill 2, the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata coaster. Great Lakes was awarded the initial contract for the Phase 1 Foundation Package. Phase 1 included installation of three 4’ diameter X 60’ deep drilled shafts below Lake Erie’s water elevation, and a 5’ reinforced concrete cap inside a permanent sheet pile cofferdam. Great Lakes installed two additional 4’ diameter X 60’ deep foundations north of this area. These foundations are the base of the 420’ tall spike tower. 

Throughout phase 1, Great Lakes worked with the owner through drawing changes, material fabrications, and schedule requirements. Our commitment to maintaining the schedule as well as our focus on keeping our work within the owner’s budget was recognized. Meeting or exceeding the owner’s expectations only reinforced their confidence in our work crews and project management capabilities.The relationship our team cultivated with Cedar Point – grounded in trust and mutual understanding, combined with our cost-effective approach – solidified their decision to engage us for additional work within the lagoon, and started the conversation to perform all civil work in its entirety for the Top Thrill 2.

Cedar Point awarded Great Lakes with a Construction Manager/GMP Contract for Phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 began in early summer 2023 – coinciding with Cedar Point’s peak season and during park hours. Phase 2 includes the installation of additional ride foundations for the Brake Track, Launch Track, Fast Switch Track, Maintenance Track, and Ride Station. In addition to the foundation work, Great Lakes is responsible for the new Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) Electrical Building and modifications to the new Maintenance Building, including all electrical and HVAC components. Next spring, Great Lakes will finish off the project completing the area development and site restoration package prior to opening in the Summer of 2024. 

Watch HERE as Zamperla and Cedar Point debuted the groundbreaking Lightning train for Top Thrill 2!