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Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority Dock 24 & 26 Master Modernization & Rehabilitation Project

Project 339-21
Cleveland, OH

The Dock 24 & 26 Master Modernization and Rehabilitation Project was the 2nd major improvement project in a series of projects that the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority has planned for the upgrades to the Port of Cleveland.  The project included 78,340 SF of new sheet piling along 1,100 ft. of bulkhead, 48,530 SY of 16” thick reinforced concrete pavement, and upgrades to all underground utilities.  The project also included the repair and/or replacement of 29 mooring bollards on pile foundations.  Three of the four main vessel docks have been fully upgraded.  They are docks 24 West, 24 East and 26 West.

The new bulkhead replaces the existing, deteriorated bulkhead along the entire length of Dock 26 West, about 2/3 of Dock 26 North, and all the south bulkhead between Docks 24 and 26. (The bulkheads at Dock 24 East and Dock 24 West get new wall caps and new mooring bollards only – no new sheet piling.)