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CYO Camp Christopher

Bath, OH

The Great Lakes Construction Co. recently assisted a local Boy Scout troop with a service project at CYO Camp Christopher in Bath, Ohio, improving access to allow for camp maintenance crews and others to navigate the trail.

The project consisted of reconstruction of the path by excavating a base, topping with filter fabric and stone, and installing a trench to improve drainage from the path to the nearby lake. The Scouts helped place a large pipe in the trench ensuring the water is moved off the path and into the lake, sending the water away from the regularly-flooded and muddy pathway. Finally, the Scouts placed wooden timbers along the path to keep the stone fill on the path and prevent erosion.

The service project was managed by Eagle Scout Candidate Jack O’Sullivan, who is the younger brother of Great Lakes’ 2012 & 2014 Co-Op, Danny O’Sullivan. Great Lakes’ General Superintendent Joel Hanna (Eagle Scout Class of 1992) supported the effort by organizing equipment, labor and materials – which were donated to the project through Great Lakes’ Community Goodwill Program via the City of Akron Step Feed 2 Project.