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MetroHealth Mass Excavation & Caissons

Project 138-19
Cleveland, OH

The first of Great Lakes’ projects at MHS was the View Road Project which began in mid-2018 with the re-routing of all of the underground utilities, included storm and sanitary sewers, a sanitary lift station, a new 12-inch water main, and electric and communication duct banks. The project also included complete reconstruction of View Road and Southpoint Road on MHS property.

A key feature of the new storm sewer is the underground detention system, which is a set of two aluminum structural-plate tanks. Each tank is 15-feet in diameter, 153 feet long, and buried over 30 feet deep. With the new storm sewer system in place, the majority of the site’s stormwater runoff is now diverted away from the combined sewer in Scranton Road.

Great Lakes’ crews developed a plan to perform as much assembly as possible at existing grade and to lower large sections of the tanks into the excavation. This process was a benefit to the schedule because it allowed tank fabrication to proceed concurrent with the excavation.

The roadway work involved realigning View and Southpoint Roads, widening View Road to three lanes, and upgrading the pavement from asphalt to heavy duty concrete. The project focused on the north end of View Road in late 2018 in order to meet a milestone of opening the new parking garage to hospital staff.