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OC2 (Opportunity Corridor, Section 2)

ODOT Project 3000-16
Cleveland, OH

The Opportunity Corridor Project (informally referred to as OC2) was the second major project to be constructed from Opportunity Corridor planning efforts in Cleveland, Ohio. OC2 primarily involved the construction of a new roadway from E. 93rd Street to E. 105th Street, reconstruction of portions of E. 93rd Street, E.105th Street, Quincy Avenue, and Quebec Avenue, reconstruction of the E. 105th Street bridge over GCRTA and Norfolk Southern north of Quincy Avenue, extension of the existing GCRTA rail platform and building demolitions in the City of Cleveland.

OC2 was awarded to Great Lakes by the Department through a Value-Based Design-Build Contract.  Value-based awards allow the Department to select a DBT who not only has the requisite skill to perform the work, but also the DBT who is best representative of the community and those impacted by the Project.

2019 ABCD Outstanding New Short Span Bridge Award
Presented by the Association for Bridge Construction & Design
Central, Northeast & Southwest Ohio Chapters

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