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Workforce Development

Workforce development – it’s one of the newest buzzwords in business today.

It means different things to different people. In our industry, it focuses on matching workers’ skills to the needs and demands of the construction trade. It addresses construction’s need for more highly qualified, trained men and women who are passionate about the opportunity to pursue a career in construction.

As an industry leader, The Great Lakes Construction Co. is proud to be an active supporter of “I Build America – Ohio,” a new educational and awareness campaign to support the growing demand for skilled labor. Leaders in the construction sector have come together to launch this movement to generate pride and respect for the construction industry and recruit young people into this valuable, rewarding career.

We are excited to see the construction industry join forces to develop resources that will generate a future workforce. It behooves us to support our nation’s ongoing infrastructure needs and to attract more students into construction careers – from laborers to project managers to equipment operators.

We have several workforce development initiatives (see below) at Great Lakes. Our Career Awareness Sessions are an outstanding, real-world example of how workforce development works. These sessions, held over a 28-month period at 10 different Cleveland locations, have provided the opportunity for Cleveland community members to learn about construction careers, to become educated about critical job readiness skills and to effectively network with employers. A significant percentage of the individuals attending the Career Awareness Sessions have found construction related-jobs or are engaged in the employment process.

The message from “I Build America – Ohio” is that a career in construction is both exciting and rewarding. Attracting and retaining high-quality workers is critical to Great Lakes’ success and growth. It’s a win-win proposition for Great Lakes and for our future workers as together we build a future workforce for our industry. We’re proud to be doing our part.

Careers in Construction

Let Great Lakes Be the Bridge to Your Successful Career

Generating pride and respect for the construction industry!

Work Now Construction Initiative

Targets outreach to Cleveland minority groups and females looking to pursue a career in construction, and provides hands-on soft-skill training programs. Great Lakes provides group presentations and project tours, and has been successful generating interest in the construction industry.

Job Corps

Provides housing and hands-on training to young adults. Great Lakes participates in the program by providing project tours and sponsoring individuals seeking union membership.

Tri-C Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Exposes students to the trades and connects them with local employers. Great Lakes provides tours and presentations, and sponsors individuals seeking union memberships.

Spanish American Committee Latino Construction Program

Exposes participants to safety and trade opportunities, and makes connections to local unions. Great Lakes attends job fairs and offers informational presentations through this program, and has been successful employing participants.

Apprenticeship Program

Combines paid on-the-job training with classroom instruction to prepare workers for highly-skilled careers. Workers benefit from Apprenticeship Programs by receiving a skills-based education that prepares them for the construction industry workforce.

Great Lakes Co-Op Program

Serves as a solid foundation for a student’s career path. Our Co-Op Program allows the student to learn, gain experience and provide professional development.

College & High School Career Fairs

Great Lakes participates in college and high school career fairs regularly exposing students to opportunities in the construction industry.

ACE Mentor Program of Cleveland

Supports high school students through mentoring, providing scholarships and exposing students to construction/design career pathways, and exposing students to real-world opportunities.